FAUNA & FLORA (2015-2019)
Stories From the Forest

In this series, I employ a hybrid form of painting, drawing and collage as a metaphor for the continual cycle of decay and regeneration in nature. Inspired by forest habitats around my city, I carefully build each work's history as layers of paint, hand-drawn and printed vintage ephemera, toile, Victorian weaving patterns, elements of Chinoiserie, barnacles, lichens, webs and other natural forms develop into an eclectic composition adhered onto canvas or watercolor paper. Fauna and flora are protagonists interacting with what humans leave behind in the environment– ranging from a Louis XV chair to a muscle car or vintage radio. Paper scraps and fragments of what we leave behind as a civilization address the transience of our era. Old and new come together as a form of ontological play, celebrating nature, memory and the cycle of life.

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