In my painting practice, I assemble a retrospective of vintage sources such as photography, wallpaper clippings, film posters and other ephemera, layering them in the tactile context of collage. These collages then serve as sketches that I translate into large oil paintings on canvas that appear to be collages, but are not. My faux-collage painting technique creates abstracted landscapes suggesting torn documents, crumbling blocks, or architectural elements.

By layering historical textures and imagery, I highlight how the rise and fall of humanity’s various eras relates to our place in the environment. Birds land and rest on top of what appear to be collapsed, abandoned monuments. Like us, birds occupy the Earth for a short time. Unlike us, they move freely and leave nothing behind. Birds are protagonists on the world stage we can view on equal terms with ourselves.

Themes touched on in my work include nature’s fragility, mortality, nostalgia, free association and ontological play. This series is a reminder of our collective history and future, honoring our need to celebrate nature, as well as our need to review and revise past world views. The works invite the viewer to consider how humanity’s relationship with nature has evolved over time. They invite the viewer to choose simplicity, and a better future for us all.

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