Did you know that many species of birds love to play? Growing up around birds owned by my grandfather, I observed the playfulness of birds up close. Anthropomorphism is a great tool for helping us connect to nature and learn more about it. My newest series, Play Space, explores the concept of birds at play. Lightweight and aloft, birds interact with paper scraps, shapes or string floating across the surface in spacious, minimal works. With this series, I hope to call our attention to the fragility of nature and inspire us to choose simplicity for the benefit of all.



This series examines modernism and our relationship to nature throughout history. My decades-long interest in birds developed while observing birds owned by my grandfather, who was a bird breeder during a time when harboring birds in cages was popular. These paintings are faux-collages on canvas recreating the forms of torn vintage documents. Color, pattern and texture are carefully layered like sedimentary rock from various human eras, with details such as intentional drips, marks and signs of age applied by hand. The compositions resemble landscapes of fallen monuments or rocks. Birds are the protagonists foraging what mankind has left behind. Where balance occurs in nature and where it does not is very telling. This series highlights how the rise and fall of viewpoints over time helps us learn to respect nature and balance with it as an important part of our lives.



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