The waterfront is where our relationship with nature plays out in its most tangible form- it is the nexus of climate change and civilization. The waterfront is a dividing line between nature and where we live. It is a potent, telling space where our understanding of and collaboration with the forces of nature are critical. In this series of paintings and collages on paper, I explore the man-made rock barriers that protect against tides along the Brooklyn waterfront, where many species of birds reside or migrate through. I use recycled, salvaged papers and discarded vintage ephemera to build the abstract landscape component. Birds are the protagonists of these works, usurping the place of humans. They forage objects or scraps of paper left behind by mankind. Like us, birds occupy the Earth only for a short time. Unlike us, they leave nothing behind. This series asks us to consider our impact as members of Earth’s ecosystem while there is still time.

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